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Probate and Estate Administration

A broad range of skills is required for a successful probate application and the administration of an estate on behalf its personal representatives. Douglas Collier is a member of the society of trust and estate practitioners (STEP), a chartered tax adviser and chartered accountant and so is fully equipped to provide a non-contentious probate service, tax advice and comply with the formalities required by HM Revenue and Customs and HM Courts and Tribunal Services.

A free initial evaluation of the estate will be undertaken from which a written quotation will be provided to you. The quotation will be based on the estimated number of hours to complete the assignment at the appropriate hourly rate, which is currently £150 plus VAT. The final fee will only differ from the quoted fee in exceptional circumstances and with the prior agreement of the personal representatives.

The process for administering the estate will be clearly timetabled and the personal representatives will receive regular progress reports and clear advice as to their obligations at each stage.

Probate Compensation Scheme

In the unlikely event that we cannot meet our liabilities to you, you may be able to seek a grant from ICAEW's probate compensation scheme. Generally, applications for a grant must be made to ICAEW within 12 months of the time you become aware or reasonably ought to have been aware of the loss. Further information about the scheme and the circumstances in which grants may be made is available on ICAEW's website.

Working with Douglas you are assured of attention to detail, prompt responses and a genuine interest in the client. He's approachable, knowledgeable and thorough. A rarity these days...

Dr David Briess, Psychiatrist, NHS